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Fees and Rebates


The current APS recommended fee for psychological services is $260.00 for a 50-60 minute consultation. Charges are pro-rata for longer consultations.


A discounted fee is available for clients in financial difficulty. We do not provide bulk billing.



Anna is a registered Medicare provider. Clients qualifying under Medicare can claim significant rebates of up to $126 per session for the services of a Clinical Psychologist.


To be eligible for a rebate, you will need to be referred in terms of a GP Mental Health Plan from your doctor or a psychiatrist.



Compensation clients, please note that:

A written referral from your doctor should be presented at the Initial Interview with a psychologist.
Clients are responsible for informing their insurer, employer, or solicitor of their intention to receive psychological services.

Where an employer, insurance company or other organisation has accepted liability for the cost of a client's treatment, their commitment should be confirmed in writing early in the course of treatment.

Following each consultation, a full fee is charged to the insurer or the employer who has accepted liability for the cost of treatment.

A billing address must be provided by the client to their psychologist.


You don't need a doctor's referral to attend this practice as a private client.


A rebate may be claimed from many Private Health Funds.


To claim a rebate, you will need to be covered by ancillary benefits insurance (extras table). Please refer to the following website for information on rebates:


Affordable fees are available for clients who do not belong to a private medical fund or who experience financial hardship. Please inform us of your particular circumstances at the time of making an appointment.


Telephone or Internet counselling is charged via Paypal, Master Card or Visa.  We require the full fee to be paid at the time of making an appointment.


The full fee for Psychological Assessment or Treatment reports is required to be prepaid via corporate cheque or electronic transfer to our account.  Details will be provided on request.  Reports are usually provided within five working days of full payment.


Cancellation policy applies. The full fee is payable for non-attendance or late cancellation, irrespective of the reason for non-attendance. At least 24-hours notice of cancellation is required.